Card Policies

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  1. Library cards are free to all residents of Georgia. Persons who attend school, own property or are employed in Georgia are eligible for a free PINES card. Patrons of both PINES and non-participating Georgia public libraries may receive a PINES card. Users from non-participating Georgia libraries shall have the same privileges as PINES users.
  2. Out-of-state cards are available to persons living outside Georgia who do not meet the above criteria for a $25.00 annual fee, payable at the time the card is issued.
  3. Persons who will be in Georgia for less than 6 months, and reside outside Georgia, may be issued a temporary card. Privilege limit is 6 months. The fee is $12.50 payable at the time the card is issued.
  4. PINES cards are valid for 2 years. If a patron loses their card, the fee for a replacement card is $2.00.
  5. Proper identification must be presented to register. Applicants must sign an application form or card to be kept on file at the circulation desk.
  6. There is no minimum age for a child to receive a PINES card. A parent or legal guardian must sign the application if the child is under 18.
  7. Users will have a system-wide borrowing privileges yet belong to a “home” library. A user can have only one PINES card.Top of Page


  1. A patron must present a card in good standing to borrow materials. A patron’s card will be blocked, and no services may be obtained with it if the patron has 10 or more overdue items, and owes $10.00 or more in unpaid fines or fees.
  2. Materials circulate for varying periods of time:
    Atlas 7 Days
    Audiobooks 14 Days
    Books 14 Days
    CD 14 Days
    Equipment Overnight – 3 Days
    ILL 28 Days
    PINES ILL 8 Days
    Magazine 14 Days
    Outreach 2 Months
  3. Materials on Hold cannot be renewed. Renewal requests on other materials may be made in person or by phone.
  4. DVDs may circulate to patrons 18 years of age or older for 1 week, with a limit of 2 per patron. DVDs cannot be renewed.
  5. Audio equipment is loaned for 24 hours to adults 18 years of age or older, but longer periods may be negotiated with the staff.Top of Page


  1. When Reader Services or any lending agency charges postage, the patron requesting the material must pay this cost.
  2. If Reader Services or any lending agency requires materials to be insured, the patron requesting the material must pay this cost.
  3. If a patron from one PINES library wishes to borrow from another PINES library, staff will place a hold on the item. The item will be mailed to the requesting library and staff will notify patron. No charges are made to the patron.Top of Page


  • A schedule of fines and fees as penalty to those patrons who fail return materials by its due date is provided below. A more detailed schedule can be found here.
Over Item Fine Maximum
Audio Book $.20/day $5.00
Book $.20/day $5.00
Equipment $10.00/day $50.00
ILL $.20/day $5.00
Magazine $.20/day $5.00
Paperback $.10/day $5.00
PINES ILL $.20/day $5.00
DVD $.50/day $5.00


  1. PINES fines may be paid at any participating library. Fines will be retained by the collecting library, regardless of the original lending library. Returned materials which are owned by other PINES libraries will be promptly returned via U.S. Mail.
  2. If material is lost or damaged, the price of the item will be assessed to the patron’s card. Lost items may be paid for at any PINES library. Payments for lost or damaged materials will be returned to the owning library.Top of Page


  1. Photocopying fee is $.25 per page.
  2. Computer printing fee is $.25 per page (black/white) and $1.00 per page (color).
  3. FAX charges (to send) are $2.00 for the first page and $1.00 for each additional page.
  4. FAX charges (to receive) are $1.00 for the three pages or less, over three pages, an additional $.20 per page.
  5. A deposit of $10.00 is charged for use of study guides (Deposit is returned when materials are returned).
  6. Laminating fee is $1.00 per page (any size up to poster size).Top of Page