Computer Use Policy

The Kinchafoonee Regional Library is pleased to provide access to the Internet, office software and children’s programs. Library staff cannot always control these Internet access points, which often change rapidly and unpredictably.

The policy of the Kinchafoonee Regional Library System is to strive to maintain an environment that is safe for all of its patrons. Persons using the computers in each library shall sign a statement that they have read a Computer Policies and Procedures document before being eligible to access the Internet.

Patrons under eighteen years of age must have the signature of a parent or guardian giving them permission to use a computer. Patrons must accept the Computer Policy each time they access the Internet.

The Kinchafoonee Regional Library System is utilizing the Smart Filter Program provided by the Georgia Public Library Service a Unit of the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia.

The Internet Safety Policy for minors includes the operation of a technology protection measure with respect to any of its computers with Internet access that protects against access through such computers to visual depictions that
are: (1) obscene; (2) child pornography; or (3) harmful to minors. The library is enforcing the operation of such technology protection measures during any use of such computers by minors.

Computers are available for public use at the beginning of the workday and are shut down ten (10) minutes before the library closes. A patron must present his/her PINES card at the circulation desk to use a computer. Non PINES patrons must present picture identification. Patrons must enter his/her PINES card number in order to access the computer.

TIME LIMIT – There is a 2 hour time limit once per day* for using all computers located in the Kinchafoonee Regional Library System. Additional time may be allowed at the discretion of the staff. No more than 2 persons* at each computer station. Disruptive behavior is not allowed.

FEES –Patrons may print from a computer and must pay for each sheet at the circulation desk prior to the
materials being printed. Color prints are available at some libraries for an additional fee.

AUDIO – Sound is available only on computers with headphones. Discreet, quiet talking on cell phones for business or school purposes is permitted at the computer, but loud talk is prohibited as it is in the rest of the library. Cell phones must NOT ring. They must be on vibrate or turned off.

Patrons use the Internet at their own risk. PARENTS OR GUARDIANS, NOT THE LIBRARY STAFF, are responsible for Internet information accessed by their children. The library cannot be held responsible for information accessed. Because of limited staff, assistance may not always be available.

MISUSE – Misuse of a computer, printer or Internet access will result in loss of a patron’s computer or library privileges. Examples: Changing screen settings, visiting inappropriate sites, performing any illegal activity, or physical abuse of equipment. If a patron is under 18, notification will be mailed to the parent or guardian.

Patrons may not send, receive, or display text, graphics, or sounds that may be reasonably offensive to others. Patrons may not engage in chat activities that could harass, libel, or slander another user. Patrons may not by-pass or attempt to by-pass the filter system. Doing so will result in loss of library computer privileges for a period determined by the County Librarian or Branch Manager.

The Kinchafoonee Regional Library system cannot guarantee the accuracy of any information on the Internet.